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National baseline information on lead paint in Jordan


National baseline information on lead paint in Jordan

The World Health Organization (WHO) with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has launched the initiative called "Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint" whose goal is to phase-out the manufacture and sale of paintings that contain lead thereby reducing the exposition to this metal and eliminating its risks and effects on the population.

In Jordan there are 77 factories for the production of paints, there are laws and standard to regulate the paint manufacturing in Jordan and to reduce the use of lead in paints. 17 paint samples were collected from the domestic market in Jordan, 23.5% of the collected samples contained lead in concentration more than 90 ppm total lead.

This report provides information about local paint market production and consumption, and quantities of import and export of paint from relevant national authorities, chambers of industry, chambers of commerce and manufacturers of paint and the result of randomly selected paint testing samples from local market to analyze lead content in samples.