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Emerging Policy Issues

Chemicals in products
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Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals
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Hazardous chemicals in electronics
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Highly Hazardous Pesticides
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Lead in paint
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Perfluorinated Chemicals
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Pharmaceutical pollutants
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Policy brief

A review of PFAS as a Chemical Class in the Textiles Sector

For over a decade, under both SAICM and the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), the class of chemicals known as PFAS is gaining increasing international attention.

Policy Document

Global elimination of lead paint: why and how countries should take action

Lead has toxic effects on almost all body systems and is especially harmful for children and pregnant women. Lead paint is an avoidable source of exposure to lead.


Women, Chemicals and the SDGs

Gender Review Mapping with a Focus on Women and Chemicals: Impact of Emerging Policy Issues and the Relevance for the Sustainable Development Goals

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People working for a healthier environment

Read more about Joan Sebastian Vargas Rativa
Joan Sebastian Vargas Rativa

Estrategias dinámicas y pluriculturales sobre el recurso humano que este interactuando en el ambiente, para brindar acciones más amenas a la manipulación de los insumos provenientes de la naturaleza o fabricados por el ser humano, a fin de salvagu

Read more about Luz Angela Luna Castillo
Luz Angela Luna Castillo
Contributes to the identification of strategies and opportunities focused on circular economy in the electronic sector, in order to strengthen cooperation synergies between Latin American countries that promote interactions between actors in the value chain and government entities, with the aim of reducing the negative impacts that are generated, from the extraction of materials to the inappropriate disposal of wastes that have potential for use, in addition to the proper handling of hazardous chemical substances.
Read more about Ron van Peer
Ron van Peer

I am working in regulatory affairs sector in the pesticide industry - globally. In a changing environment we bring modern pesticides including biologicals to the market.


Read more about Anna Holthaus
Anna Holthaus
Since 2018, I am working on the integration of gender equality in the sound management of chemicals and waste for the MSP Institute. I was involved in different networks on gender and sustainability as well as gender and climate change before.I believe without gender justice, the implementation of the global sustainability goals is not possible. Gender Mainstreaming helps to uncover the causes of problems, find alternative solutions and counteract injustices.This also applies to the sustainable use of chemicals and the goal of a healthy planet. There is a number of gender aspects relevant to chemicals and chemicals and waste management
Read more about Dr.Lilian Ogechi Alum
Dr.Lilian Ogechi Alum

The water quality of the major water resources in the rural areas has been assessed with a clear indication that pollution effects are mainly organic due to open defecation, improper construction of wells, non-hygienic nature of overhead tanks and