Director, NCPC Serbia (RECPNet)

I have PhD in chemical engineering, with specialization on polymeric materials. I worked at the University of Belgrade as assistant professor, teaching polymer chemistry, and then joined industry where I worked as R&D manager, then as a manager of one production unit.

Since 2007 I am managing Cleaner Production Centre in Serbia, established in the frame of a UNIDO-sponsored project.

My main areas of expertise are:

  • process optimization,
  • polymer design, synthesis and characterization,
  • resource efficiency and cleaner production,
  • green &sustainable chemistry
  • chemical leasing.

I work on number of projects sponsored by UNIDO, Serbian Ministry of Science and Education, International Finance Corporation, UNEP and others.

I published over 40 scientific papers and I am the co-author of 4 patents.

In 2017, I was elected as a President of the RECPNet, global network of Cleaner Production Centres supported by UNIDO and UN Environment.


Member of the Communities of Practice