The Chemicals and Waste Community of Practice will host a number of discussions in 2023 related to SAICM beyond 2020, chemical issues of concern, capacity building, chemicals of concern across diverse supply chains and other relevant topics. Members will include representatives from academia, governments, industry, intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, consumers, and citizens.

The purpose of this CoP is to establish an effective global network of experts on SAICM with a space for information sharing and long-term engagement. This CoP discussion will support all practitioners working on chemicals and waste management and give a space to share knowledge, latest research and developments, learn what representatives from different sectors are doing under the scope of chemicals and waste management and provide access to expertise on various topics related to SAICM.

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Past sessions

Developing a Gender Action Plan in the Global Framework on Chemicals
ICCM5 Preparations: Strengthening reporting and capacity building for the implementation of the beyond 2020 framework instrument
Chemicals in Plastics: A deep dive into composition, recyclability and policy implications
Best Practices for Responsible Chemical and Waste Management in Companies and SMEs
Integrated Chemicals and Waste Management in the Lead Up to ICCM5: National systems, industry action and SDG implementation