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Chemicals of Concern in the Building and Construction Sector

This UNEP report aims at providing an overview of the challenge that chemicals of concern pose in the context of products relevant for the building and construction sector. It outlines the relevance and linkages of chemicals of concern with regards to a building life cycle and highlights existing gaps, challenges and opportunities regarding the imperative of increasing circularity in the building and construction sector.

Furthermore, the report aims at identifying selected chemicals of concern that have relevance in the context of products of the building and construction sector. The scope of the analysis covers chemicals that have documented applications in products (including building materials) and formulations intended for incorporation in the built environment in a permanent manner and may be of concern during at least one life-cycle stage of a building. This also includes chemicals and formulations used for installation of building products, such as glues for the installation of floor tiles. The scope of the report does not cover electric installations that may be found in the built environment, such as wiring or technologies for heating, ventilation or air conditioning.

This report was prepared by UNEP under the Global Environment Facility (GEF) full sized project 9771: Global best practices on emerging chemical policy issues of concern under the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM). This project is funded by the GEF, implemented by UNEP and executed by the SAICM Secretariat. UNEP acknowledges the financial contribution of the Global Environment Facility for the development, editing and design of this report.