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Launch of E-learning Course on Industrial Chemicals Databases and Information Sharing

Following a collaborative study by UNEP and the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA), which provided a comprehensive inventory of the publicly available databases on industrial chemicals in commerce, SAICM coordinated the development of an e-learning course to bridge the information gap by improving accessibility to environment, health, and safety (EHS) information for industrial chemicals.

In an interactive and engaging way, this course provides guidance on locating and using information on industrial chemicals in commerce and identifies some barriers to identifying and using chemicals data and defines areas where more information is required. It also presents the key findings of the related study published by UNEP and the ICCA, upon which the course is based.

The content includes four lessons:

  • MODULE 1 - Introduction to Chemicals Databases and Information Sharing Page
  • MODULE 2 - Information Portals
  • MODULE 3 - Chemicals Databases
  • MODULE 4 - Regulatory Decisions Information Sources

The e-learning course aims to raise awareness, educate, and equip a targeted audience, with key basic information on locating and utilizing chemical EHS information. Target audiences include relevant policymakers and officials in national ministries charged with chemical-related functions, private sector producers, importers, distributors with a focus on reaching small-and-medium enterprises, as well as civil society organizations with mandates or interest in the sound management of chemicals.

Given the varying degrees of awareness across regions as well as to facilitate effective communication in different languages, regional webinars and roundtable discussions are envisaged. Targeting each of the SAICM regions, with a ‘tailored’ launch of the e-learning module is expected to secure buy-in from a wide range of actors at the regional level.

The e-learning course on Industrial Chemicals Databases and Information Sharing has been deployed on InforMEA platform under the category Chemicals and Waste.

It is directly accessible HERE