Consultant, United Nations Environment Programme

I am a sustainable business & strategy consultant, researcher and cross-disciplinary strategist focusing on establishing the business case for sustainability by driving sustainable innovations in businesses and international organisations through a science and evidence based approach.
With a PhD in Environmental Engineering on sustainable business model innovation perspectives (going beyond the circular economy) for the emerging electric vehicle battery second use industries, I was able to highlight the economically viable business case for sustainability in the electric vehicle industry.
I apply my academic and industry background in business, environmental science, and industrial/environmental engineering within academia and the United Nations where I support cross-sectoral projects in the areas of sustainable and circular business models, life cycle and value chain thinking, circular economy and sustainable consumption and production. I am also passionate of continuing my early success as a researcher and lecturer and proving that I can be a solid producer of meaningful research within the emerging and trending areas of circular economy and sustainable business model innovations is another top priority of mine. I strongly believe that innovation makes no sense if it is not focused on sustainability.