President and Research Fellow: Environment Pollution Impact on Unborn Child at Diligent Care for Creative Intelligence Development
Our research developed and implemented strategic modalities by which prospective parents (women) can adapt to environmental pollution in order to reduce negative impact of these on unborn child brain development targeting SDG 10 Reducing inequality. Thus reduce community and global gap in health, learning, attitude and poverty. The game changer innovation is the development and implementation of Smart Maternal Strategies: The aim and purpose is to drastically reduce climate change and environment threat on unborn child well-being. Through seminars and conferences our team has trained over five thousand Nigerians on maternal skill. Since 2005 sustainable healthy, intelligent children has been born as it provides solution which gets women have sustainable healthy newborn with fine potential. The strategies were product of evidence based studies in partnership with Bayero University Kano Nigeria 2003-2013 and supervised by Professor Danjuma Maiwada.




Nigeria, Africa
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SDG 10 Reducing Inequality