Head, Life Cycle Initiative Unit, Economy Division, UNEP

I am a generalist environmental scientist passionately driven to reduce the environmental impacts of consumption and production systems. This includes driving the development of tools enabling the comprehensive assessment of environmental impacts of chemicals as they are used in products, over their entire life cycle (i.e. from the extraction of their raw materials, processing and manufacturing into products, their use, maintenance and operation phase, and finally at the end of use their repurposing into new products, or disposal).

This kind of assessment helps us guide the selection of suitable alternatives to chemicals of concern while avoiding regrettable substitutions. With a PhD in Environmental Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, I use my background in academia and industry to work from the UN Environment Programme towards enabling the global use of credible life cycle knowledge to inform policies and decision-making. I strongly believe that basic knowledge on the footprint of human activities should be a public good empowering governments, corporations and individuals to inform their decisions towards sustainable consumption and production, and work with willing partners to make this a reality.