Senior Pesticide Risk Assessor, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety Division at Pest Control Products Board
My expertise are primarily in the areas in Regulatory Toxicology and Eco-Toxicology as well as Environmental / Ecological Risk Assessment. As part of my everyday work, I evaluate technical dossiers for chemical and biological pest control products and assess potential risk to non-targets and the environment. I have an interest to ensure that the regulatory work I do is relevant, scientifically sound and up-to-date. In so doing, I will have the ability to contribute, suggest and improve the pest control products regulatory environment especially the decision making processes in the areas of environmental and eco-toxicological risk assessment. I have previous engagement with the East African Community Technical Working Group and FAO as an expert in the subject matter of bee risk assessment and pollinator protection from pesticide exposure in Africa. My work therefore contributes to achieving my organizational mandate and mission to protect human health and the environment.