Jr. Program Associate, Environment and Social Development Organization (ESDO)

In my organization, we are working to spread the message about the need for environmental conservation – to ensure the protection of biological diversity and ecological balance. Our motto is to promote and encourage an environmental movement through a participatory democratic framework involving diverse social groups, and to assist them with ideas, information, and leadership for promoting a safe, sustainable, and toxic-free world. We conduct consultations, workshops and meetings with government agencies, relevant stakeholders, project partners, industrial associations, health professionals, multi sector group of people about the adverse effects of lead in paints and mercury in consumer products, dental amalgam and other hazardous toxic metals. Dialogue with policy makers, press briefing, policy lobbing with Governmental body are regular activities of ESDO. Awareness raising and educational campaign are conducted among dental students, volunteers, researchers, green club members, practitioners for eliminating lead in paint and mercury in dentistry.