Interior furniture and fittings

Wood-based interior furniture may use binders and glues that contain high levels of formaldehyde, which is linked to cancer in humans.  Market development towards no-added formaldehyde glues are being seen, and many products carry declarations and ecolabels that formaldehyde emissions from them are at a low level.

PVC coatings and veneers are seen on some furniture products, which carry toxicity hazards in production.

Other interior furniture may include flame retardants, which may not be communicated the occupant.  If furniture is not disposed of correctly at the end of life, release to the environment of these highly persistent chemicals may take place, or cuase toxic emissions to air if products are incinerated at end-of-life.

Resources below delve into some of the chemical hazards seen in this product group and support the selection of products made from healthier materials.