Adhesives, sealants and waterproofing

These speciality building chemicals draw on a range of ingredients, with varying chemical safety profiles.

Adhesive types include epoxy, which can include alkylphenols and bisphenol-A, which carry endocrine disrupting hazards. 

Polyurethane-based adhesives, sealants and waterproofing are associated with a variety of hazards such as from contain organotin compounds and the presence of isocyanates, which may cause respiratory problems.

Silicone sealants also carry risks from the presence of cyclosiloxanes - specifically D4, D5 and D6, for which a restriction has been proposed in the EU.

Other sealants may include high levels of VOCs, and phthalates may be present in some products.  PFAS may also be present in each of these product types to provide resistance to dirt, water and oil.

There may be issues with these product types on transparency of information on chemicals in these types of products, as manufacturers may not want to disclose proprietary chemicals, but as a result, other hazardous ingredients may be present that installers and occupants may become exposed to.