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SAICM Factsheet


SAICM Factsheet

The Challenge

The Strategic Approach To International Chemicals Management (SAICM) mandate expires in 2020, long before we will reach the target of minimizing the health and environmental impacts of chemicals throughout their lifecycle. Overall progress has been uneven and there is still a significant need for development and implementation of effective chemical and waste management policies and practices around the globe.

What We Do

SAICM provides a valuable multi-stakeholder forum to discuss and address the many challenges facing the adoption and implemen-tation of national policies to safely manage chemicals. SAICM is an ambitious initiative and is unique in its set-up as an inclusive, voluntary, global policy framework on the sound management of chemicals across the lifecycle. It has provided a space and opportu-nity for government and non-government actors alike, to discuss and deliberate on the management of chemicals throughout their life cycle, within an atmosphere of relative trust and coope