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Safe and Sustainable by Design chemicals and materials - Application of the SSbD framework to case studies

The European Commission (EC) developed a framework for the definition of criteria for SSbD chemicals and materials to steer innovation towards the green industrial transition, foster substitution or minimisation of the production and use of substances of concern, and minimize impact on human health, climate and the environment.

The framework is composed of two components: a (re)design phase in which design guiding principles and indicators are proposed to support the design of chemicals and materials, and a safety and sustainability assessment phase in which the safety and environmental sustainability of the chemical/ material are assessed. Hence, the framework encompasses both safety and sustainability assessment, conducted by means of life cycle assessment and it represents the backbone of the EC recommendations on SSBD released in December 2022. This report presents the application of the SSBD framework to an illustrative case study in order to pave the way for further refinements thereof, towards wider application in support to innovation for sustainability.