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Lessons from the past to inform SAICM and the Sound Management of Chemicals and Waste Beyond 2020

An Independent Evaluation of SAICM over the 2006 to 2015 period (SAICM/IP3/INF/3) was conducted to assess the degree by which SAICM has delivered on its 2020 goal. It finds that SAICM made significant progress in a number of areas in terms of strengthening capacity, commitment, technical knowledge and political will to implement and mainstream chemicals into national planning. However, the evaluation also reconfirms the findings of the Global Chemicals Outlook II, that SAICM’s objectives and 2020 goal would not be reached due to a variety of factors and drivers.

Furthermore in 2019, an evaluation of the integrated approach to financing the sound management of chemicals and waste (SAICM/IP.3/INF/5) was conducted that provides useful insights for the future. Since 2009, the integrated approach has aimed to address the increased need for “sustainable, predictable, adequate and accessible financing for the chemicals and waste agenda while also increasing the political priority accorded to the sound management of chemicals and waste”. This evaluation also found that although there has been some progress on implementation of SAICM, progress has been hampered by several factors.

With the 2020 goal not achieved, it is hoped that some key lessons learned since 2006, as summarized in this policy brief, will help stakeholders as they deliberate and decide on the future arrangements of SAICM and the sound management of chemicals and waste beyond 2020.