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Lead in paint laboratory database

The Lead in Paint Laboratory Database lists laboratories from all UN regions capable of identifying and quantifying lead in paint samples.

It is established by UNEP in close cooperation with the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the World Health Organization as part of an activity of the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint. For each listed laboratory, the databank offers publicly available information of interest, such as contact details, number of staff, instrumentation, analytical techniques, accreditation, etc. This database of laboratories undertaking lead paint testing will provide information to countries that lack national laboratory capacity and fear that this would be an obstacle to implementing a regulatory limit on total lead content in new paint. Registration in the database is voluntary, and a listing does not indicate any endorsement or recommendation by UNEP.  

Inclusion in the database is no assurance that the laboratory has met any or all applicable accreditation and proficiency requirements relevant to lead paint testing, and users of the databank are urged to verify laboratories meet necessary requirements.

If your laboratory undertakes lead in paint analysis and you are interested in registering, please fill out the online form available here