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Handbook on Sustainable Public Procurement - Integration Sustainability Criteria into Public Procurement Procedures for Paints and Varnishes, Cleaning Products, Heat Insulation Materials

Public Procurement is closely interconnected with an implementation of the sustainable development goals on the practice. Given priority to environmentally friendly products and environmentally safety services, which comply with green standards and rules, is an efficient tool in solving of many economic, environmental and social challenges at different levels.

This handbook contains a basic information about benefits and advantages of the sustainable public procurement for government and public authorities; a step–by–step explanations how to transform a procurement process into sustainable one and to use it in practice. Moreover, it provides detailed information about integration of sustainability criteria into procurement process including supplier qualification, technical specifications, award criteria and contract conditions with examples for the three priority product groups.

The handbook is prepared for government and public authorities, however many of the ideas and approaches are equally relevant for corporate purchasers and business representatives. It should also help suppliers and service providers to understand better the environmental requirements increasingly encountered in public tenders. It is intended for executives of public authorities, institutions, private companies, enterprises and organizations, business leaders, environmentalists, teachers and university students, the media and a wide range of readers interested in the issues and factors that influence the development of sustainable consumption and production.