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Future Policy Award 2021: Sweden, Region Stockholm - Chemicals in products


Future Policy Award 2021: Sweden, Region Stockholm - Chemicals in products

Although chemicals are important components in many products, they may be released at any stage of the product life cycle, resulting in potential exposures of humans and the environment.  The second 2021 Gold Awardee addressing Chemicals in Products is Sweden, Region Stockholm: Phase-Out Lists for Chemicals Hazardous to the Environment and Human Health (2012-2016, revised for 2017-2021).

The World Future Council focuses on identifying, developing, highlighting and spreading effective, future-just solutions for current challenges humanity is facing and promote their implementation worldwide. The Future Policy Award 2021 highlights exemplary laws and policies that protect people and the environment from hazardous chemicals. The Future Policy Award is awarded in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM), among others. For more information on the Future Policy Award 2021 click here.

Region Stockholm has agreed a phase-out list for chemicals hazardous to the environment and the health of citizens, employees, and patients. The list comprises chemicals and chemical products e.g., in healthcare, laboratories, dentistry, IT, cleaning, textiles, and allergy inducing fragrances or preservatives. Furthermore, Region Stockholm prevent purchasing and procurement of chemicals and chemical products as well as articles and consumables containing toxic substances that fall within a large number of specified categories, such as: may cause cancer; and may cause inheritable genetic damage. The list is mandatory for all chemical products procured by Region Stockholm. Since 2012 a significant proportion of hazardous chemicals have been phased out, especially from the healthcare sector. The healthcare sector saw a 90 percent reduction in the use of listed substances, decreasing volumes in weight from 1,100 kg to 115 kg. The phase-out list serves as an inspiration for regions and countries around the world. For more information click here.

For more information about the Future Policy Award and this year’s winners read the brochure.