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Exposure and toxicity characterization of chemical emissions and chemicals in products: global recommendations and implementation in USEtox

Reducing chemical pressure on human and environmental health is an integral part of the global sustainability agenda. Guidelines for deriving globally applicable, life cycle–based indicators are required to consistently quantify toxicity impacts from chemical emissions as well as from chemicals in consumer products. In response, we elaborate the methodological framework and present recommendations for advancing near-field/far-field exposure and toxicity characterization, and for implementing these recommendations into the scientific consensus model USEtox.

The present work was supported by the “Global Best Practices on Emerging Chemical Policy Issues of Concern under the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM)” (GEF project ID 9771, grant no. S1-32GFL-000632), and by the “Safe and Eficient Chemistry by Design (SafeChem)” project funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, MISTRA (grant no. DIA 2018/11).