Case Study 2

Data management automation for the Extended Producer Responsibility scheme for electronics in Nigeria

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The establishment of an EPR database is critical in operationalising and formalising the management of EPR-related data. The EPR database allows e-waste flow tracking and EPR fee and recovery rate calculation while ensuring producers' information confidentiality and helping prevent counterfeiting activities.

The case study outlines the project’s efforts towards establishing this automation system in Nigeria in the following areas:

  • Developing the EPR database: to manage producers’ market share data, calculate and collect the EPR fees.
  • Registering Producers and products in the database: To ensure electronic and electrical producers are registered and to oversee the EPR operation.
  • Securing the database: Enhancing producers' trust in the database and ensuring its confidentiality.

The study concludes with a summary of next steps and key learnings, emphasizing the importance of law enforcement, database registration, secure systems for producers, and encouraging the participation of producers in the database registration.