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An Assessment Report on Issues of Concern: Chemicals and Waste Issues Posing Risks to Human Health and the Environment

Many countries and regions have set up regulatory and policy frameworks to achieve sound chemicals and waste management. In addition to national and regional efforts, the international community has taken concerted joint actions to address specific issues of concern, including chemicals that can be transported over long distances by wind and water, are transported through global trade in resources, products and waste, or are used or are present in many countries.

Substantial progress has been made by the international community, including establishment of several multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) and international initiatives. However, as assessed by the Global Chemicals Outlook II (GCO-II), the global goal of sound chemicals and waste management in ways that lead to minimised adverse effects on human health and the environment has not been achieved by 2020. Ambitious international action is urgently required to ensure reaching these goals in the foreseeable future.

This report responds to Resolution 4/8 by the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) and aims to inform the international community about the current situation of specific issues of concern, based on a review of evidence published within the past decade. It is meant to inform and support decision making at UNEA and other international forums working towards sound chemicals and waste management.