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Case study: plan of action to implement the WHO chemical road map in Jordan

WHO data estimate that 1.6 million lives (2.7% of total global deaths) and 45 million disability-adjusted life years were lost in 2016 due to exposure to selected toxic chemicals. Data are, however, only available for a small number of chemical exposures, and people are exposed to many more chemicals every day.

In order to minimize these huge health impacts, the WHO Chemicals Road Map was approved by the Seventieth World Health Assembly in May 2017. It is designed mainly for enhancing health sector engagement in the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) towards the 2020 goal and beyond. Therefore, the WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean and the Regional Centre for Environmental Health Activities (CEHA), in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Jordan, conducted a national workshop to develop a plan of action to implement the WHO Chemicals Road Map in Jordan.