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+ Capacity building
+ Chemicals in products
+ Circularity
+ Consumer information
+ Eco-innovation
+ Environmental chemistry
+ Gender mainstreaming
+ Greenhouse gas emissions
+ Health
+ Highly Hazardous Pesticides
+ Knowledge sharing and technology
+ Lead in paint
+ Lead-acid batteries
+ Lifecycle
- Mercury
Alejandra Fernandez, Chemical consultant, Soluciones Químicas Integrales FyA LtdaLeslie Adogame, Executive Director, Sustainable Research and Action for Environmental DevelopmentNdeye Maimouna Diene, Regional coordinator, Pesticide action Network AfricaKenneth Davis, Programme Management Officer at UNEPLilian Corra, Environmental health expert
+ Nanotechnology
+ Partnerships
+ Pharmaceutical Pollutants
+ Plastics
+ Policy development
+ Science-policy
+ Sustainable development
+ Waste management