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Policy brief

A review of PFAS as a Chemical Class in the Textiles Sector

For over a decade, under both SAICM and the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), the class of chemicals known as PFAS is gaining increasing international attention.

Policy Document

Global elimination of lead paint: why and how countries should take action

Lead has toxic effects on almost all body systems and is especially harmful for children and pregnant women. Lead paint is an avoidable source of exposure to lead.


Women, Chemicals and the SDGs

Gender Review Mapping with a Focus on Women and Chemicals: Impact of Emerging Policy Issues and the Relevance for the Sustainable Development Goals

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People working for a healthier environment

Read more about Peter Hurst
Peter Hurst

Peter Hurst is a specialist on a wide range of health, safety, pollution prevention and labour-related issues, especially pesticides and in global food supply chains, agriculture and agrofood industries.

Read more about Angela Bandemehr
Angela Bandemehr
Angela L. Bandemehr is a senior international environmental program manager in Office of Global Affairs and Policy of the Office of International and Tribal Affairs (OITA), where she has been working for 20 years on establishing and implementing effective international partnerships and projects to address global environmental issues. US EPA is the Chair of the Lead Paint Alliance and she is the primary staff contact. She has a Masters of Science in Environmental Engineering from Michigan State University.
Read more about Michael Musenga
Michael Musenga

My research work and organization advocacy to develop a legally binding legislation has been has been received well by the Zambian community. And our participation to the 10th International Lead Poisoning prevention Week was received well.

Read more about A Ramesh Kumar
A Ramesh Kumar

Stockholm Convention Regional Centre-India focuses on research, education, training, capacity building activities in the area of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) monitoring in the environment, exposure assessment, POPs in products, recycled pl