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Policy brief

A review of PFAS as a Chemical Class in the Textiles Sector

For over a decade, under both SAICM and the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), the class of chemicals known as PFAS is gaining increasing international attention.

Policy Document

Global elimination of lead paint: why and how countries should take action

Lead has toxic effects on almost all body systems and is especially harmful for children and pregnant women. Lead paint is an avoidable source of exposure to lead.


Women, Chemicals and the SDGs

Gender Review Mapping with a Focus on Women and Chemicals: Impact of Emerging Policy Issues and the Relevance for the Sustainable Development Goals

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People working for a healthier environment

Read more about Binod Acharya
Binod Acharya
My research is focused on chemical supply chain management in general and environment protection in particular by managing hazardous chemicals within the local, regional and national communities level.
Read more about Mark Davis
Mark Davis
With over 30 years experience on policy and practice related to pesticide regulation, management, use disposal and remediation, I support diverse programmes aiming to eliminate risks from pesticides, reduce pesticide use, promote sustainable agricultural practices and strengthen pesticide regulation and management.
Read more about Melanne Civic
Melanne Civic

I provide legal advice and this advice contributes to developing guidance and building rule of law framework.

Read more about Jonathas De Mello
Jonathas De Mello
Through knowledge management and human-centered use of technology, I work at SAICM for creating, sharing and managing knowledge on chemicals arisen from a diverse group of stakeholders. My objective is to find ways to turn such rich knowledge into better policies and action towards a healthier environment.
Read more about Brenda Koekkoek
Brenda Koekkoek
Since 2012, I have worked in a leading role with the secretariat of SAICM, including managing the secretariat efforts to design and now execute this multi-stakeholder SAICM GEF project.Upon joining UNEP in 2006, I worked to establish and manage the Global Mercury Partnership and in providing policy support to the negotiation process for the development of the Minamata Convention on mercury. Prior to UNEP, I worked at Environment and Climate Change Canada on air quality and chemical related issues.Much of my career has allowed me to work in a multi-stakeholder function on pollution and sustainability related issues, focusing on building